Your fuses on the way to a good cause

Every industrial product has a limited lifespan. Efforts are being made to achieve separate collection for an increasing number of products to enable reuse of components. In the 1990s, fuse manufacturers in Germany began processing used fuses in an environmentally friendly way.

This quickly proved to be so successful that interest was generated in the Netherlands too. On the initiative of Kennisplatform Recycling (Eindhoven University of Technology’s Recycling Knowledge Platform), a working group was formed, consisting of suppliers and users. In 2006, from this working group, the ‘Industrial Fuse Recycling Benelux’ association was set up, with the aim of processing industrial fuses from the Benelux region in an environmentally friendly way. This association also set itself the objective of donating the proceeds from this recycling to good causes. The charities that have already been supported are mentioned elsewhere on this website.

Recycling cartridge fuses

For the time being, only fuse links and medium-volt cartridges are suitable for reuse. Important elements for reuse are the metals present: copper and silver.

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IFRB’s objective is to donate the financial proceeds of the recovered raw materials from the recycling of the collected fusible links to institutions with a social purpose.

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